Visitor Log

Visitor Log 2.0.0

Secure visitor tracking tool for your company lobby

Visitor log is the new tool for visitor tracking and lobby management control. It can save limitless records of your visitors, offering years of a useful application. Visitor log keeps track of all the people visiting your business, the reasons why they are there, and the check in and check out date and time, along with a feature to print a datasheet for each person. It is an appropriate tool for places with low or medium visitor traffic, providing you with an easily installed tool for managing the information database of your company. By purchasing this tool you can avoid paying monthly or annual subscriptions. Visitor log solves your paper work problems by means of its simple one click report generator and straightforward data entry. There is no need for confusing spreadsheets. This software runs on Windows NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Vista and 7. Visitor log is the solution for your small and medium sized company.